Top 5 questions from hugely successful people to ask yourself weekly

Top 5 questions from hugely successful people to ask yourself weekly

Over the last year, I have read books from Tim Ferriss, Ray Dalio, Ben Horowitz, Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill and many other successful people. I have identified the most important questions that have helped them to achieve their later successes. Today, I want to share them with you as I believe it can help you to become more successful and happy. Using these 5 questions, you will be able to analyze your challenges more deeply and constantly learn from your mistakes. It will allow you to use better your intuition and ask for specific help using your social network.

Some of the questions might be hard to answer in the beginning as you might not have thought deeply enough about them. I recommend writing a short 5-minute diary at the end of each day to remember what has actually happened. This 5 minutes daily might give you enough information for you to reflect upon as you answer these questions next week. If you have a couple of minutes, why not start your own weekly reflection routine right now? šŸ˜‰

  • Who were the 5 people I spent most of my time with?

You are the average of the five people you associate yourself with (financially, emotionally, physically, mentally). Tim has more than 300M podcast downloads and might be the most successful podcaster as of today. You canĀ listen to this episode from the Tim Ferriss podcastĀ to get more information on the importance of this question.

  • Have my 3 most important decisions this week been based on guesswork or analysis and thought?

Feel free to see theĀ TED talk by Ray DalioĀ (17 Billion USD net worth) who might be the most experienced person worldwide in creating high performing decision making systems.

  • What are the top 3 activities I am not doing today but might make me more successful or happy?

I recommend you to read theĀ book by Ben Horowitz, who within a couple of years has built and sold his company for 1.6 Billion USD.

  • What 20% of activities or people have resulted in 80% of success or happiness?

Brian Tracy is an author of 70 books, one of the most influential sales coaches worldwide. I recommend you to seeĀ Pareto principle explained by Brian Tracy.

  • Who can I ask (alive or dead) to help me answer my top 3 most important questions, that if solved would bring me much closer to success or happiness?

I recommend you to hold a 15 minutes meeting with your invisible counsellors! ThisĀ technique was suggested and used by Napoleon Hill, who is an author of 10 best selling self-help books of all time.

If you like, you can see the rest of the 14 questions I have been using in the last 2 months toĀ do my own weekly reflection.Ā If you haven’t already, I encourage you to block this week half an hour of your time and answer at least these top 5 questions listed above. I would love to hear from you if and how you find these questions valuable. Also please feel free to share any thoughts on how I can improve them to make them more clear, valuable and simple.